How to Use

The Discipleship Map is a dynamic tool designed to be used either in group or one-on-one discipleship environments. The basic goal of the tool is to provide anyone who is seeking to make disciples with the essentials needed to establish others in a lifestyle of obedient devotion to Jesus. To this end, there are three distinct but related ways that this tool may be used:


Work through the lessons one at a time (at a pace of no more than one lesson per week) with new believers (or even interested nonbelievers) to establish them in the foundations of the lifestyle of discipleship to Jesus. There is both a condensed version and a full version , depending on the needs of the people you are leading.


Work through the lessons one at a time with a small group to re-establish existing believers in the foundations of the discipleship lifestyle, and to make sure that no important aspects of that lifestyle are being neglected by those in the group (either version will work for this).


Use the content of the Discipleship Map as a diagnostic tool to evaluate what aspects of the discipleship lifestyle may be absent or neglected in your personal life or in the lives of those you are leading. This will help you to identify which aspects need to be given special attention in terms of training and practice.

We highly recommend using Richard Foster’s book, Celebration of Discipline, alongside the Discipleship Map tool. Click HERE to learn more about how to do that!